The public and private sector has gone through series of transformation due to many factors. Therefore, business organizations have a challenge to cope up with this rapid change and uncertainty while maintain its operation in a safe, economical, efficient and effective manner.

As the resource shortages are all global trends that are having a powerful influence on the organizations.

SSAQ Consult can offer organizations with the personal attention, innovation, integrity, professionalism and expertise needed to tackle these challenges and unlock opportunities across the entire value chain to maximize the significant value for future growth.


SSAQ Consult provide organizations with various services such as administrative consultancy and studies, project management services and engineering projects arbitration consultancy.

SSAQ Consult goal is to meet the client’s requirements with innovative and creative approach.


To be the regional consultant firm and trusted advisor to organizations.


To help organizations maximize their sustainable economic value for future


SSAQ Consult is offering services based on our management team long experience in public and private sector and wide working experience with national and international   corporations.
SSAQ Consult symbol consists of sun (yellow), a gear (gray) and a compass (white and gray in the center). Sun is the main source of energy on earth, which make us to provide very high professional services to our clients. The gear stands for delivery of high-quality customer centric services. The compass reflects the consistency in our approach and the services to meet the client’s satisfaction.
We are at SSAQ Consult very proud of ourselves to be a regional consultancy firm that provide highly professional services and we are strive to build strong long term business relationship with our partners and clients.
Dr. Saif Saeed Al Qubaisi
Founder – SSAQ Consult